Embracing Change
Auto Shanghai 2021 will be grandly held in next April


The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Shanghai 2021") will be held from April 21 to April 28, 2021 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). With the industrial reconstruction driven by technology as the core and the consumption trend evolution driven by the influx of new generation and new concepts, as the internal and external extension of consumption, automobile industry and automobile itself are undergoing tremendous and profound changes. Therefore, Auto Shanghai 2021 will once again prove that automobile industry will become a strong engine to promote the recovery of global economy. A dynamic Chinese market is bursting out with inexhaustible developing power.

Auto Shanghai 2021 is organized by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council, co-organized by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. with the European co-organizer Messe Muenchen Group/IMAG. The show is specially supported by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Society of Automotive Engineering.

It is estimated that Auto Shanghai 2021 will have a total exhibition area of 360,000 square meters. According to the show schedule, April 19-20 are press days, which are only available for news media from domestic and overseas. April 21-23 are trade days; April 24-28 are public days.

Embrace New Industrial Changes under the Digital Economy

The theme of Auto Shanghai 2021 is "Embracing Change". We can see that digitalization is promoting profound changes in production modes, product forms, consumption habits, business models, industrial structure and the international landscape, and has become an important driving force for future economic and social development and reform. Currently, the global automobile industry is under great pressure from transformation and adjustment, we need to embrace the new industrial changes under the digital economy with a proactive and enterprising attitude and seize the development opportunities of "New Infrastructure". We will fully explore the permeability and overflow effect of 5G, artificial intelligence, IOT, and other new technologies and new business models that acts as a traction role for the development of the automobile industry, and turn the revolution of automobile industry into an epitome that will lead the transformation of smart city in future, showing a more diversified innovation fusion of the century-old automobile industry.

Stimulate the Rebuilding Power of the Industry under the High Quality Development

With the accelerating reconstruction of electrification, intelligence and connectivity for automobile industry, the new round of historic convergence of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation provides a historic opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry. In the new development pattern of gradually forming a domestic big circle as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles, the promotion of high-quality development of the automobile industry is placed at the core position. Auto Shanghai 2021 will once again become an industry mega-event participated by global automobile manufacturers, providing an all-round display stage for all kinds of innovative products, technologies and ideas. Taking advantage of Auto Shanghai, an industrial communication platform attracting worldwide attention, we will also fully stimulate the innovation enthusiasm of China's and even the world's leading automobile enterprises and more new cross-border forces, inject new energy into the global automobile market and deliver vitality for China’s automobile consumption market to maintain a longer growth platform period.

Let the Intelligent Connectivity Empower the New Vision of Future Travel

Thanks to the advanced technology and wide application of products, the Future Mobility Area has received extensive attention and active participation from exhibitors and visitors since the last edition. All parties have shown a high sense of participation. Auto Shanghai 2021 will continue to track the development trend of automobile technology towards intelligent connectivity, constantly introducing the new achievements of information revolution into the exhibition platform with an aim to attract more auto-makers, auto parts enterprises, science and technology companies, and internet companies to participate the show. We will concentrate resources to build a technology-driven display platform that defines future travel, create more forms in which cars are connected to other scenes, thus give cars more social attributes.

It is the age of technology and innovation. In April 2021, Auto Shanghai is looking forward to joining hands with global auto-makers to realize the future sustainable development of the global automobile industry. Let us be empowered by innovation and embrace change.

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