April 19 - 28, 2021
National Exhibition and Convention Center ( Shanghai )
( 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai )

Exhibitor and Staff

Epidemic Prevention and Control Notice

1. Personnel admission management 

All exhibitors and staff shall uniformly adopt the admission method of "showing negative nucleic testing report within 7 days for first entry + health code or Shanghai QR Code + temperature measurement + original ID card checking". 

(1) Upload a negative nucleic testing report within 7 days for registering as an exhibitor or staff; activate the badge before 15:00, April 18.

(2) Personnel who do not have a health code shall be refused to enter the venue.

(3) Personnel with body temperature ≥ 37.3℃ shall be refused to enter the venue. 

(4) Personnel from medium and high-risk areas recognized by Chinese government shall be refused to enter the venue. 

2. According to the principle of "Who sends personnel, who takes responsibility", the main responsibility of the unit shall be implemented and the self-health management of personnel shall be strengthened

Comply with Auto Shanghai safety requirements of epidemic prevention and make good self-protection. Consciously cooperate with body temperature measurement, wear masks during the whole journey, wash hands frequently, keep social distance, and do not shake hands or dine with others. In case of physical discomfort such as cough and fever, please consciously accept epidemiological survey and actively cooperate with the implementation of relevant epidemic prevention and control measures. 

Conditional exhibitors and staff are encouraged to take the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in the place where the company is located.

3. Equip the booth and relevant personnel with epidemic prevention materials by themselves

Exhibitors must be equipped with masks, water-free sanitizer, disinfectants and other anti-epidemic materials for booth staff and visitors.

4. Strengthen the prevention and control of exhibits

Regularly disinfect and sterilize the show cars and make records. If visitors want to touch or experience the show cars, they must wash the hands with water-free sanitizer. If a car has been experienced by more than 30 persons, its steering wheel, door handle and other key parts should be carefully disinfected.

If there are many people in line, remind them to wear a mask during the whole journey.

5. Emergency treatment 

If any emergency happens, the organizer will adjust the exhibition according to the regulations of the epidemic prevention and control department. In case of force majeure caused by the epidemic situation or any situation related to the epidemic reasons, the organizer reserves the right to change the admission policy. 

6. Abide by infectious disease prevention and control regulations and the relevant laws of People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipality

Ensure that the submitted information is true, accurate and complete. Those who make false promises, conceal medical history and contact history, deliberately suppress symptoms, conceal or fail to report health conditions, and evade epidemic prevention measures shall bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

The Organizing Committee of Auto Shanghai 2021

April 1, 2021